Monday, July 7, 2008

Honored Teammates

Below is a list of the honored teammates that I run and train for:
Names of your family and friends will be added to this list if you desire me to run & train in their honor or memory

Lorraine Anderson - my step-grandmother - multiple myeloma
Chris Freeman

Team Tucson Honored Teammates:

Marisa Ann Gallego - lost her battle with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) on April 18, 2008.
Our training season is dedicated to her memory. Five of her family members train with us for the Nike Women's Marathon.
"Our Honored Teammate
August 20, 1991 – April 18, 2008

Marisa Ann Gallego was an excelling junior, at Mountain View High School.

On May 29, 2007, Marisa Ann Gallego was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) which is a fast growing cancer of the blood and bone marrow. She had to undergo five rounds of chemotherapy. The chemotherapy left Marisa unable to fight any type of infection. She was in and out of the hospital after her diagnosis. Marisa was in remission in November, December and January. In February, Marisa was to have her stem cells harvested and frozen in the case that the cancer would return. Unfortunately the Leukemia had returned and again Marisa was given chemotherapy, the chemo did not put her in remission so she got another round within two weeks. Her blood count would not return to normal, she was transferred to the Bone Marrow Transplant Center were she was to receive a blood cord transplant, but as they prepared her they found that her heart was failing. They put her in ICU on April 16th and put her in on a ventilator to give her heart a break, her organs began to shutdown and on April 18th we learned that her Leukemia had returned and her breathing tube was removed. Marisa was sixteen years old.
Marisa was a very special young lady she touched the lives of all those she met. Even with all the pain she was going through she always had enough strength to give everyone that would come her way a smile."

Dawn Kulesa - diagnosed with Stage IV Non Hodgkin’s Follicular Lymphoma on June 5, 2007
Dawn is a former member of Tucson TNT and was diagnosed just weeks after completing the Big Sur Marathon.

Gabbi Martin - Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia
"Hi! My name is Gabbi. I am 10 years old. I am a survivor of Leukemia. I was 3 years old when I was diagnosed. I have been in remission for over 7 years. I enjoy soccer, swimming, and dance. In the fall, I will be in the 7th grade. My favorite subjects in school are reading, spelling, writing, math, PE and music. At school I am in the Write Right club where I write articles for the Bear Essential Newspaper. I’ve had numerous articles published and I’ve also been on television a few times."

Alexandra (Alex) Stuetze - Lymphoma (PTLD)
June 21, 1993 - October 19, 2006
"This morning (10/19/06) the world as we know it came to a screeching halt. Our beautiful angel girl Alex left us. Our lives will never be the same as we move forward. She invariably changed each of us she met. Nothing could express what is in my heart, as I know she touched each of you as well. Alex has been the light in my world for the past 13 years illuminating my way each day of my life. October 19th will forever be remembered as the day our Angel face left us, our piece of heaven on earth. Hopefully each of us takes away some beautiful part of her, a memory, a moment where you saw in her face a glimpse of heaven. Our lives will never be the same. May her light, love, beauty, bravery and unselfish nature remain in each of us as a reminder.
Elizabeth Stuetze"

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